"At TowlesCorp we build Extraordinary Homes for Extraordinary People"

When you're building someone's dream, the outcome has to be gorgeous on every level. At TowlesCorp, we insist on the kind of detailed perfection you expect in a luxury home at every step of the building process. That means choosing the right lot, getting the right financing, designing the right spaces, and managing the job right. And that is exactly what we do!

A Towles home is a personalized home. We build only custom homes not "cookie cutter" homes built from a model. We believe the whole living experience must fit your lifestyle and your dreams. Your lifestyle is like no one else's. Your life has been filled with extraordinary events and whether you're retiring, building a second home or still enjoying a career...an extraordinary future is awaiting you. This means really getting down to how you will live in your new home and fulfilling your every wish.

For example, "Do you entertain?"

An open floor plan in the main "public" areas will accommodate large gatherings and keep the flow moving through traffic areas.

Do you really have time to soak in a Jacuzzi, or should we "soup up" the shower?

Extravagant showers, featuring a multitude of shower heads - either with ceiling mounted rain heads or side towers for invigorating body washes - will fit the bill.

Are you a morning person, or do you relish the evening hours?

Situating the house on the proper site will take advantage of the morning light or our fabulous Florida sunsets.

These questions, and most importantly, your answers, give us insight into the most appropriate floor plans, space usage, and placement of your home on  your lot. When it all comes together, we think you will find that no home will ever fit YOU quite like your Towles home!

Take the tour of our  model "The Bal Harbor"

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